The Surf in Peniche

Portugal sits on the western edge of Europe’s continental shelf, enticing deep ocean swells to break unimpeded on its’ sunny shores. The Portuguese coast is wide open to the consistent W-NW swells that pound Europe from October to April.


 A: Yes of course, from all locations. Check our map on the contact page and you will see!
 A: Yes, again, it is less than 5 minutes walk.
 A: The beach bars run until 6 in the morning, almost every night in summer.
 A: Spring and Autumn are fantastic times of year for waves, atmosphere and nice weather. The waves are bigger and better in winter and the temperature is nice, say circa 15 degrees average daytime in February or March. Summer has a classic beach party vibe, very busy everywhere, with smaller surf, good for learning or progressing.
 A: Yes there are waves most days in summer. Of course not always everyday but in general there are waves, and if you came 7 days you could expect waves on 5 days. It is quite crowded in August and July though!
 A: Yes, Baleal is all about learning to surf and progressing. It is mostly sandy beaches so you can´t hurt yourself too much! We run surf classes every morning and afternoon. You can become a confident surfer within a week and start your love story with the waves and the ocean.
 A: Of course not, some guest choose to cycle, play guitar, do yoga, watch movies, play volleyball, or visit Peniche, Obidos or the island of Baleal itself.